For 25 years, Gibson and Associates has been specializing in the sale, merger, and acquisition of both Main Street and Mid-Market businesses. As a licensed business brokerage firm, we have assisted hundreds of business owners in successfully exiting the companies they have built; and have helped buyers to achieve their objectives of owning their own businesses.

We are accessible and will offer you extensive education, information, and support in your decision to sell, grow, purchase, or plan for any other change in business direction, including retirement.

What We Offer:

Business Valuation
We provide Calculation Reports, which are an extensive review of the financial history of the business, to determine the market price. This report is useful as a benchmark to expand or grow the company as well as develop an exit plan. Buyers who have targeted a business to purchase find the report a key tool in determining a reasonable offer.
We protect client identity through our proven systems of discreet marketing, screening, and qualifying potential buyers and sellers. We take great pride in providing personalized, confidential service for all of our clients.
We confidentially campaign for multiple prospects by providing skillfully designed marketing materials and offering summaries which clearly lay out the story of the business.
Negotiation and Closing
We are grounded in the real world of business ownership, and with our extensive experience, have successfully assisted hundreds of clients in transitioning ownership.

Businesses for Sale

Gibson and Associates, Inc. has successfully closed multi-million dollar company transactions in various industries such as medical, automotive, construction, manufacturing, IT, distribution and service.

Celebrating 25 Years

Gibson and Associates celebrated 25 years in the business brokerage and valuation services industry this past year.