Recommendation from:  Mr. Tony Roland, Current Owner of Power Blue Products

Bill brokered the sale of our company with excellence and expertise.  Bill’s personal combined knowledge of SBA loans, Real Estate, negotiations and taxes made me feel like I hired a team of experts all rolled into one.  Great job and many thanks!  Tony Roland

Thank you from:  Bridgette Price, Assistant Vice-President, Entrepreneurial Development, Pensacola Bay Area Chamber of Commerce

Thanks for your presentation on Business Valuation!  It was timely and pulled together a subject matter that has been mentioned throughout the class.  It was as if you were at other sessions and answered questions through osmosis.  I could tell that you put a customized touch to the content presented and I appreciate your ability to put such a comprehensive topic into layman’s language!!!!   Once again, thanks for your support of CIE.  It is committed folks like you that make my job and this community ‘fun and open to opportunity’ for budding entrepreneurs!  The students were very impressed.   Take care, Bridgette

Thank you from: William B. Carper, Ph.D., University of West Florida

I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank you for serving as a “Shark” for the business proposals my students prepared as part of their MAN 4801 Business Plan Development class. Your willingness to listen to their oral presentation and provide valuable feedback for them, says a lot about you as a person and a professional. The “real world” knowledge of business startups and what an investor looks for in such situations which you brought to the table added a level of insight that I would have been unable to provide and gave the students a true real world perspective. It is one thing for me as their teacher to tell them something, it is quite another for them to hear it first hand from a practitioner. After you left, the students told me that they really appreciated your comments. Sincerely, Bill