Check back regularly to read Bill Gibson’s monthly insights to propel your business for success. Bill shares tips and best practices GAI has learned throughout the many years of experience in the business brokerage industry. 

In 2019, Gibson Insights will focus on how to add value to your business. Each month, a new step on how to increase the value of your business will be shared. 

Building your Brand

Focus on Building your Brand.  It is interesting to note that customers are willing to pay more for brands that they know and recognize.  The perception is that well-known brands, both products and services, have more value.  How do you build and formulate a brand? ...

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Do you have the Proper Checks and Balances in Place?

As we continue to discuss how to add value to your business, this month we will focus on the financial operations of your Business. Many successful business owners no matter the size of their company, or if they employ a bookkeeper or CFO, retain certain...

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It is Time to put your Plan into Action

In March, we talked about developing a business plan.  The next step is to Put your Business Plan into Action.  First, meet with your team to implement each component and to emphasize the goals, objectives, and principles of your Company.  Consistent team planning...

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Do you Know what to Include in your business plan?

Last month, we discussed the need for a business plan.  This month, we drill down What is Included in the Business Plan. A complete, thoughtful business plan will provide mechanisms to enhance your management in marketing, operations, finances, long-term growth, and...

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Developing a Business Plan

Majority of Business owners are tied up with the daily operations of their Businesses, so they have no time for planning.  Developing a Business Plan is a key component in building the value of your Business.  A long-term strategic plan will help you stay focused as...

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Maintain Quality Financial Information

As you are settling into 2019, now is the perfect time to start thinking about how to add value to your Business.  Throughout this year, we will highlight a way to add value to your Business each month. It is crucial to Maintain Quality Financial Information.  January...

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